Ethical Toolkit for Organoid research – Navigating the HYBRIDA Guidelines

HYBRIDA ‘s final online workshop “Ethical Toolkit for organoid research: Navigating the HYBRIDA guidelines” was successfully organised on June 19th with a big number of attendees from all around the globe. The aim of this workshop was to provide a comprehensive overview of the HYBRIDA operational guidelines that equip researchers with the necessary knowledge and tools to conduct organoid research responsibly and ethically. Our partners from INSERM presented a concise overview of the operational guidelines, the proposed questionnaires and possible challenges emerging. If you missed it or you would like to freshen up your memory of the event, you may watch the recorded presentations.

Watch the video here.

HYBRIDA at the 8th World Conference on Research Integrity in Athens

HYBRIDA participated with a poster presentation in the 8th World Conference on Research Integrity which was held in Athens 2-5 June 2024. We had the opportunity to interact with a vibrant and enthusiastic crowd of researchers interested in research integrity and research ethics and present HYBRIDA in a nutshell, its main results and outputs.

HYBRIDA Final Conference in Brussels

On May 15th 2024 the final conference of HYBRIDA was organised in a hybrid mode at the Residence Palace in Brussels and online, with the contribution of great speakers and panelists. A numerous and very dedicated group of participants joined us on site and online for a 3.5-hour event during which we had the opportunity to present the project’s main results and outputs, as well as to discuss in a panel discussion the policy perspectives and challenges of the future of organoid-related technologies.

HYBRIDA at the irecs research ethics cluster kick-off

On the 27th of September 2023, the research ethics cluster organised by the EU-finded project irecs kicked-off with a virtual meeting and HYBRIDA was there. The aim of the irecs research ethics cluster is to meet and discuss work conducted and share preliminary findings of the participating EU-funded projects and networks focusing on research ethics and research integrity, but, also, to establish synergies and sustain cooperation across these projects and networks.

HYBRIDA at the ENRIO 2023 Congress

In the context of the 2023 meeting of European Network of Research integrity, ENRIO 2023, organised in Paris at the Jussieu campus of Sorbonne University on 7th and 8th September, several activities were organised by HYBRIDA members. Panagiotis Kavouras presented a synoptic poster capturing all the main issues raised by research on organoids and how the different work packages of HYBRIDA address these issues. On Friday 8thSeptember around 12 people gathered for a 1h30 workshop dedicated to discuss the analysis, results and proposals of WP2 and WP5. Workshop participants were coming from Canada, France, Ghana, Germany, Greece, Nigeria, Norway. They were either active members of ethics committees (Luxembourg, France, Greece, UNESCO’s IBC) or trainees ‘s (PhD students or post-docs). The work already delivered by HYBRIDA was very positively recognised. Questions came on the way to implement the newly proposed Health Technology Assessment (HTA) methods (visionary HTA) and the Operational Guidelines (OGLs), particularly how to access and store the questionnaires concerning the metadata associated with organoids. A main issue was also the informed consent and the difficult question of its withdrawal considering the amount of work and engineering of organoids. The innovative proposals such as the consent for governance of biobanks and the role of a third party representing the donors of cells or human tissues, and the proposal of anticipating what donors could accept or not with the donor’s wish list, were highly supported. Finally, on Friday 8th afternoon, WP4 organised a focus group meeting to deepen several issues of the latest draft of OGLs. Here again before any remark and proposal to improve our text, the 10 people gathered unanimously recognised the importance of the work and its quality. Fruitful comments will help us to improve the document.

2nd General Assembly meeting

The project’s 2nd General Assembly meeting took place in Rome on the 27th and 28th of April 2023. As HYBRIDA entered the final year of the project, the consortium partners, together with Advisory Board members, had the opportunity to meet in person and discuss the project’s developments and future plans in the hospitable environment of The Pontifical Academy for Life premises.

HYBRIDA at the ResBios Final Conference

On December 7th, 2022 the EU-funded project ResBios organised its final conference “Responsibility in research & innovation. Challenges for the biosciences and future policies” in Brussels (hybrid event). Eleni Spyrakou (National Technical University of Athens) presented HYBRIDA’s work and progress in Session 2 – “Towards a new “social contract” between R& and society” and had the opportunity to exchange fruitful ideas focusing on how to create a social space to put or foster the “responsibility” within the current trends in science and innovation, taking also into account the proposals of the ResBios Manifesto.