A quick start guide on benefiting from HYBRIDA results

HYBRIDA operational guidelines

This document summarizes HYBRIDA recommendations for organoid research covering several critical areas including the Ethics by Design (ED) approach, the Reflexivity, Anticipation, Deliberation (RAD) process, Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) practice, allowing the integration of ethical considerations throughout the research and development process. These approaches are aimed at ensuring that organoid research is conducted with foresight, inclusivity, and a commitment to ethical integrity, anticipating and addressing potential ethical, social, and technical challenges from the outset.

Informed consent for research on organoids and related fields

This document explores informed consent for research using organoids, 3D structures mimicking organs grown from stem cells. While informed consent is crucial for ethical research, it faces challenges in this new field. How can researchers balance transparency for donors with the flexibility for future, unforeseen uses of cells, etc. ?